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What We Offer

Sign Edition offers project management, design, product development, consultation, manufacturing, installation and maintenance services as part of a whole process that guarantees consistency and excellence.

As a company, we are intrinsically aware of clients’ needs and our investment in world-class machinery and skilled personnel, gives us the ability to respond quickly to changing industry trends and new opportunities. We combine craftsmanship with state-of-the-art computer-controlled machinery to achieve functional and quality products.

Our manufacturing facility spans over 7500m2 and is well-equipped with contemporary machinery, with high efficiencies, great precision, and robust quality output. We continually expand and upgrade our machinery to service our clients’ needs and meet design specifications.

We employ a diverse, talented, highly skilled, and experienced production team who take pride in their workmanship and live the company values of teamwork, knowledge sharing and respecting the client’s brand.

We attach great importance to the manufacturing process, and we plan production in a way that ensures quick and economical delivery, without any compromise on product integrity, quality, appearance or client brand.

The printing industry is built on quick delivery times, high quality standards and the ability to meet each customers’ individual needs. Sign Edition fuses modern techniques, expertise, experience, values and unmatched personal service to guarantee client satisfaction.

Using the latest Digital Printing technology, we can produce all your print requirements and promotional material, cost effectively and within your timelines.

We have the latest technologically advanced printing machines that produce consistent high-quality prints on a selection of surfaces to suit your needs.

High graphic skills and visual flair enable us to provide you with high impact design graphics that effectively present your intended message.

Transportation and installation of signage products requires experience and care. Sign Edition has the largest trained installation personnel and inhouse installations equipment in the country. Our dedicated teams ensure that all your signage installations are carried out safely and at your convenience.

Health and safety are paramount when it comes to installation, and, to ensure a safe working environment in all the sites we operate, our installers are highly trained, fully equipped and compliant with the Occupational Health & Safety Act, to which we strictly adhere.

Nothing lasts forever, and the success of any signage system is guaranteed by continued professional maintenance. As signage experts, we, at Sign Edition know that design, manufacture and installation are just the first steps towards a comprehensive signage solution for your brand.

Our expert maintenance teams are there to ensure your signs stay operational, safe for many years and looking as immaculate as the day they were installed.

We provide the below maintenance service options:

  • Planned preventative maintenance
  • Planned cleaning and inspection
  • Illumination troubleshooting and repairs
  • Signage damage, age-deterioration assessment and repairs
  • Checking signage structural integrity

We have a state-of-the-art powder coating plant allowing us to offer powder coating as a service to all industry sectors. Powder coating maximises production, improves efficiencies and offers maximum compliance with the increasing stringent environmental regulations. We employ skilled and experienced personnel to ensure perfect and high-quality finishes.

Our plant has the following features:

  • Coats materials measuring up to 3m x 1.5m x 0.8m
  • 3-stage process plant: surface treatment, coating and curing
  • Multi booth plant, allowing quick colour change, ultimately minimizing lead times
  • Coats different types of ferrous and nob-ferrous metals

Our high-end vacuum mould forming machines complete our one-stop production strategy.  We form our clients’ product moulds and offer moulding services for retail and marketing displays. Our innovative team work on pushing the boundaries and always welcome new challenges. We are here to make your vacuum forming needs a reality.

Our TROTEC SP2000 CO2 and EZCNC Fibre Laser Cutters enable us to offer quality laser cutting services on a variety of substrates including steel, acrylic, paper, plastic, glass, mirror, stone, wood, rubber and leather. The CNC controlled machines cut and engrave intricate shapes fast and easy with no post-processing.

We have the capacity and ability to manufacture the below laser cut & engraved products:

  • High precision production of Point of Purchase displays
  • Unique and unusually shaped print & cut displays
  • Exterior signage
  • Engraved interior signage
  • Engraved wall panels
  • Textile cutting with sealed edges
  • Up to 25mm acrylic crystal-clear cut edges
  • Cutting of technical textiles

In need of super-sized 3D displays, visual communication props or signage? Well, look no further. Our Massivit 1800 3D Printer has the capability to produce 3D products of up to 1.8m high in a very short time space. We have the flexibility, agility and creativity to offer you high-level branding and marketing for your themed projects.

Massivit 1800 Features:

  • Produces complex, super-size displays with minimal parts for quicker, cost-effective assembly.
  • Turn around more jobs quicker at a build rate of up to 35 cm per hour.
  • Can print 2 different objects at the same time, with a 2 head configuration.
  • Easy-to-operate software with printer control from touchscreen interface.
  • Hollow, lightweight products minimize cost of transportation and handling.
  • Minimal waste additive process.
  • No support structures required, eliminates post-printing clean-up.
  • Uses low energy consumption LED UV curing of the print material.
  • Inline cleaning system that automatically cleans a print head while printing, with minimal interruption.

Other Services

Project management

Our team has vast experience in implementing complex signage programmes. They are proficient in effective planning, administration, coordination and supervision of each phase of your project; ensuring that challenges are timeously and effectively addressed to meet your scope, schedule, cost and quality objectives.

We interact with our clients through the full project lifecycle. We advise, consult, get your project on track, manufacture and install your signage.

We take care of the servicing, maintenance, and dismantling of sites.

With Sign Edition, your project is in the best hands, be it a single sign or a national signage programme. And, to make your experience even simpler, with us you have an efficient single point of contact throughout the project cycle.


Need to make the best first impression? Our design services ensure your values are undoubtedly articulated in every interaction with your target audience.

At Sign Edition, we provide a unique design service that helps define your brand and sets your business apart from your competition. Our expert team keeps abreast of industry trends, enabling us to offer bespoke design services that help maximise your brand’s potential.

Our design and engineering team consists of Graphic designers, Industrial designers and Mechanical engineers with experience in:

  • Concept development
  • Artistic impressions and 3D renderings
  • CAD
  • Detailed manufacturing & installation drawings
  • 3D Printing

Product Development

By investing in expert human resources in the field of Product Design and Development, and state of the art Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing capabilities, our Product Development is positioned to take your ideas from concept through to production.

We have the capacity to provide our customers with complete product development life cycle management.


We provide professional technical consultation from the initial concept of the project from the customer and we help specify the design parameters leading to the prototyping, manufacture, installation and maintenance. We have a comprehensive approach to projects, carefully considering customer needs, organizational requirements, corporate culture and the physical environment.

From single to multi-site implementations, our professional team, passionate about delivering the best signage solutions work with you to:

  • Define project scope and manage scope creep
  • Establish indistinct objectives
  • Coordinate processes to ensure there is no compromise on cost effectiveness, quality and delivery timelines

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